8. asyncoro2pycosΒΆ

asyncoro project started as a simple module within dispy project to implement asynchronous network programming and coroutines. Since then many features have been added to asyncoro project, including message passing, distributed computing, fault handling etc., that the project name didn’t seem fitting. Moreover, term “coroutine” was not quite appropriate either, as these light-weight processes are like operating system processes and don’t transfer control explictly from one to another. asyncoro name is also very similar to asyncore module, causing confusion. For these reasons, asyncoro is renamed to pycos. It stands for either “Python concurrent tasks”, “pico tasks”, or “pico os”.

Programs using asyncoro can be converted to use pycos with sed program ‘asyncoro2pycos.sed’ in ‘examples’ with, for example, sed -i /path/to/asyncoro2pycos.sed program.py to convert ‘program.py’.